How To Measure For Window Tinting

Measuring your windows is easy. You will note in the image below that you take the overall dimensions from top to bottom and from left to right. If you are buying window tinting film by the roll, make certain that you cut the film and include about a half inch of additional film all the way around which you will trim after you install it to your windows. If you are purchasing a pre-cut window film kit then it should arrive with a half inch of additional film all the way around. It is important that your measurement includes fractions of an inch. For example if the actual window pane is 10.25″ X 10.25″ your film needs to be cut to 10.75″ X 10.75″. Important: Always have more window tinting film that you will trim after it has been applied to the window. Click for more on how to measure windows for window tinting.

How to measure

Measuring for car window tinting.

For car window tinting normally you would buy a pre-cut car window tinting kit. You would select the window you want to tint and the supplier would ship them cut to the size for your vehicle. When ordering a pre-cut kit you will need your vehicle make, model and the vin number of the vehicle in order to get the correct kit. You will also need to know which windows you want to tint and your state window tinting laws regarding the amount of light transmission allowed. We have charts for each state to help you determine the films allowed by each individual state on our state tint laws page. As laws change from time to time please check with your state authority for determining the most current window tint laws for car window tinting. You can measure windows for window tint by the roll as well. Online suppliers of car window tinting films can provide you with any type of window film you need. One of the best is for both residential or commercial window tinting films in rolls or pre-cut kits. If you are a commercial installer you might want to check out Starco Distributing since they have been supplying the window film industry for many years.

What tools will I need to install my window tinting film kit?

You will need a spray bottle for your mounting solution and a razor blade and scrubbing pad for the preparation of the glass. You will need a squeegee, hard card, and knife for the installation of your tint. You will need a small amount of liquid (Joy) dish soap, and water to make your cleaning and mounting solution. For step-by-step instructions go here Do-It-Yourself Instructions.

How difficult is it to install window tinting film myself?

If you follow the instructions, installing window tint is very easy for do-it-yourselfers. There are some great video’s available along with downloadable pdf files for learning how to window tint from a number of resources on the internet. You can watch a short video about window tinting that is available from They also have some downloadable PDF instructions that can help you do the job right the first time.