Tint Tools


There is a wide variety of tint tools available that will help you install more quickly and successfully. This article will explain some of the different types, what they are used for, and where to get them. If you are a professional tinter, it will take some experimenting to find which tools you like. For DIY window tinters, tool sets are the way to go because they will include everything you need to complete a couple of jobs. You can shop for tint tools here.


Squeegees are a common tool used for many purposes, but in the window tinting world they are used to remove water from under the film during installation. Squeegees come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and densities. The type of squeegee you use depends on the size and shape of the windows. For large flat-glass windows, you’ll want a very wide squeegee. For smaller, odd-shaped windows like those on cars, you’ll want a smaller, pointier squeegee.

You can view a list of Squeegees Here.

Hard Cards

Hard cards serve the same function as squeegees, but they are smaller and made of plastic and not rubber. They help to press out stubborn bubbles or creases that normal rubber squeegees cannot handle. Like squeegees, these come in a variety of shapes and hardnesses. The yellow bump card is great for flat-glass windows. For automotive windows, the Gold EZ Reach is especially helpful on hard to reach corners.

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Knives and Scrapers

For cutting film or scraping glass, there are a few types of knives that are better than others. Olfa is the preferred brand for break-away blades, which come in sections that you can break off so there is a sharp edge each time. Using scraper blades will also help to clean glass before installing window film, or for removing old film.

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