Commercial Window Tinting Cost


The cost of commercial window tinting depends on a few factors. This article will briefly explain these so you can be sure and get the best price. If you’re interested in doing it yourself to save even more money, the recommended products on the right are some of the most popular on the internet.

Film Types for Commercial Window Tinting

The cost of your tinting job will first be determined by the type of film you choose. For standard solar films, which are typically always offered by every installer, dealer, and manufacturer, you can expect to pay a flat price for whatever you choose. This can vary between $5.00 and $7.00 a square foot. Higher costs will come from veteran installers, but the quality of the work will be much higher than those who do it for less. Be sure to ask about warranties; most high-end professional films from installers come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which they pass on to you. Residential jobs will be extended or even lifetime, while commercial jobs will likely be less. Also, this applies to interior films only. Exterior films may have a very short warranty if any at all.

For do-it-yourselfers, you can browse a full list of commercial window tinting films here. These are some of the best products we’ve found on the internet.

Commercial Window Tinting Job Size

For small to mid-size commercial buildings, there will usually be more glass to tint than a house. Expect to pay more for these larger jobs. If the work is out of your budget, you can always consider doing the install yourself. Keep in mind that an install will range from $5.00-$7.00 a square foot with labor, but buying your own film will be $3.00 a square foot at most.

Window Location and Misc. Factors

If you have windows up high that require ladder work for installers, excessive glass cleaning or prep work, or any other extra labor that is outside an ”ordinary” install, you can expect to have charges added. Also, for small jobs, be sure to ask if there is a minimum trip charge. Many installers will not do small work for less than a flat fee, so it may be worth it for you to add some other windows to get tinted.