Automotive Films Most Popular Types


Although it is not necessary to be an expert about window film brands and types, it will help to have a little bit of background so you can make an educated purchase. This applies to both professional automotive installation and DIY installation. This article will explain the most popular types of automotive films to look for.

What Auto Film Is Made Of

This aspect may seem irrelevant, but is one of the most important factors when deciding on a window film. Automotive films generally get their color from either a dye or a layer of metal. Dyed films typically will fade faster over time and do not reject as much light and heat as a film with metal. Metallized films, however, can interfere with your radio or GPS inside the car. Unless you insist on having a metallized film, be sure to ask for a high quality, non-reflective automotive film. Non-metallized films are always the more popular way to go. You can view all the most popular types of automotive films here.

Ease Of Installation

Because automotive film has to be heat-shrunk onto the window, the ability of a film to shrink down easily is extremely important. This ability won’t be obvious or even stated in the product description, so be sure and ask. Any legitimate window film dealer will know all about this and explain how their film shrinks.

The Best Brand To Buy

The most popular types of automotive film are sold here. If you are tinting your own vehicle and want a non-metallized film, be sure to look at the Professional Non-Reflective Automotive Film. This film shrinks extremely well and does not have any metal in it, so it won’t interfere with any signals. It still offers excellent heat rejection as well. You can order this film by the roll or as a pre-cut automotive kit.