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Greatly increased energy severe trouble sleeping excessive happiness or irritability racing thoughts reckless behavior talking more or faster than usual unusually grand ideas.

Sertraline may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Studies at clinically relevant doses have demonstrated that sertraline blocks the uptake of serotonin into human plateletsIn vitro studies in animals also suggest that sertraline is a potent and selective inhibitor of neuronal serotonin reuptake and has only very weak effects on norepinephrine and dopamine neuronal reuptakeIn vitro studies have shown that sertraline has no significant affinity for adrenergicalpha1alpha2betacholinergicGABAdopaminergichistaminergicserotonergic5HT1A5HT1B5HT2or benzodiazepine receptorsThe chronic administration of sertraline was found in animals to down regulate brain norepinephrine receptorsSertraline does not inhibit monoamine oxidase.

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