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SUNARICS.MMITICS.SMILETICG.ZPAVLOVICA.NNASKOVIC-DJOKICDDetermination of doxycycline in pharmaceuticals based on its degradation by Cu(IIH 2 O 2 reagent in aqueous solutionJAnalChem.v.64p.231-2372009Links

If you develop side affectsadvise your doctorYou may need to stop taking the tetracycline or change brand.

BOONSANERMHAWKERD.WInvestigation of the mechanism of uptake and accumulation of zwitterionic tetracyclines by riceOryza sativa LEcotoxicolEnvironSaf.v.78p.142-1472012Links

MATHERSJ.JFLICKS.CCOX JRL.ALonger-duration uses of tetracyclines and penicillins in U.Sfood-producing animalsindications and microbiologic effectsreviewEnvironInt.v.37p.991-10042011Links

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